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Australia is one of the most popular countries for international students from all over the world. This is because Australia has a high standard in the professional of teachers, modern language teaching facilities, teaching material and technology.
The Australian education system is divided into five sections.

Per ‐ School

For children aged 3‐5 years preparing in their physical, intellectual and social development.

Primary School

Government primary schools are predominantly co-educational. Private primary schools tend to be single-sex and generally have a religious ethos. Class teacher deliver the fundamental subjects including the 3R’s (Reading, Writing, Speaking), Mathematics, Science & Technology, etc.

Secondary/High School

Secondary school is divided into two levels:
Junior Secondary School (Year 7‐10)
Senior Secondary School (Year 11‐12)

Vocation Education and Training (VET)

Specialised training courses or courses with a work placement so the students have preparation for work. There are five levels of VET qualifications
Certificate ||
Certificate |||
Certificate |V
Advanced Diploma

Higher Education

Higher Education is delivered by universities and some private education providers. Qualifications include
Bachelor's degree or higher
Graduate Certificate
Graduate Diploma
Graduate Certificate
Master Degree
Doctoral Degree (PhD)

English Courses

English Course For students who want to improve their English skills before studying atvarious other levels of education in Australia.
General English
English for High School Preparation
English for Academic Purpose (EAP)
Direct Entry Course