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Applying for an Australian visa can be complicated; however, Australian Centre counsellors are well trained professionals who can guide students through the application process.

There are several types of Australian student visa. The type you need depends on the type of study you plan to undertake in Australia.

You will need the following documents when applying for a student visa:
The visa application form (Your counsellor will help you complete this form).
Visa application form
1 passport size photograph
A valid passport
Letter of Offer/ Confirmation of Enrolment (After your counsellor has applied on your behalf to an education provider in Australia)
An IELTS test result (Your counsellor can book this test on-line for you)
Documents that confirm your educationalbackground and work experience
A letter stating your reasons for wishing to study in Australia
Evidence of financial capability (Tuition fees, accommodation expenses, return airfare)

A health check: Your counsellor will download the medicalcheck-up application form for you. Youmust pass the medical examination by a panel doctor who must complete the form for you.
Your application will be given a special number called a Transaction Reference Number (TRN))which is issued by the Australian department of Immigration.