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Australia society is focused on staying healthy during work, travel and daily living

Health services in Australia have a high quality. Australia is a country that is safe and has alow crime rate. In most areas, the streets are clean withbright lighting at night. The incidence of robbery and assault in Australia is relatively low. Also, Australia has laws against the use of guns and drugs, however, like any other large city, there are areas were you need to be careful, especially at night.

Health Insurance

As an overseas studentone of your student visa conditionsis that you will need to have OverseasStudent Health Cover (OSHC) that covers the whole period of living and studying in Australia.OSHC coverssome medical services. (Your OSHC Policy document will give you specific details). You must have OSHCinsurance before traveling to Australia and you must be covered from the time you arrive. You must choose OSHC from health care providers (such as Medibank Private, Worldcare Assist or BUPA OSHC). The International Students Services office in your school will be able to help you with arranging OSHC.

Australia's health care system

Most of universities have a medical centre in campus with a qualified physician while the College will have at least first aid trained.Medical centres and hospitals in big cities and many in the suburbs has 24‐hour emergency centre Patients can ask for either male or female doctor. Also, patient can require a translator who can speak in your local language. Department of Immigration and BorderProtection offer free local calls translators to help patients who are not strong Englishskills. The health care system in Australia is divided into the 'government' and 'private'. For government, patients will rely on national health insurance, the government called Medicare health care system. The government has high quality across the country, so patientsdo not have to worry about the quality of services. Private patients pay an annual fee forhealth protection as appropriate.